The Concert with 1000 Cellists

*** The 1st Kobe International Cello Festival ***

We as volunteer cellists, take over the spirit of "The Concert with 1000 Cellists " which supported Kobe's recovery in 1998 and present love and encouragement through the music of a cello ensemble to people suffering from disaster and the physically challenged. We will hold a grand concert, which is one in a million worldwide, where over a thousand professional and amateur cellists get together to play, and a full-scale festival by cellists. This festival is to be held for music lovers and sent out toward the world hoping people will live together peacefully.

In addition to "The 2nd Concert with 1000 Cellists" this time, the Maestros' open lessons, their recitals, workshops and clinics will be arranged. We are holding a big event where much information on the cello will be presented. These events are "The 1st Kobe International Cello Festival".
July 26 (Thu) - 29 (Sun), 2001
The World Memorial Hall, International Conference Portopia Hall, Tasaki Hall etc. (Kobe, Japan)
A The 2nd Concert with 1000 Cellists
July 29 (Sun), 2001 14:00 - 15:30

B Open Lessons and Concerts by Maestros
July 27 (Fri) - 28 (Sat), 2001

C Cellists Music Camp
-Cello Clinics
-Cello Workshops (fix/repair)
-Discussions ans socials with Maestoros
-for all contents 10,000 Yen
The participants are free to attend and enjoy programs A, B and C.
-only for the contents with 1000 Cellists 7,000 Yen

* As a general rule, the executive committee does not refund the remitted fee, but will take special cases under consideration.
* Music sheets and correspondence fee are included in the fee.
Applications by fax, mail and E-mail will be accepted starting Feburary 1, 2001. When we reach 1200 participants, we will stop accepting applications.

After filling out the application form which you'll find on this Site, please fax or mail it. On receipt of your payment, the registration number will be sent by mail of fax from the executive committee.
-Carrying the instruments
We are currently negotiating with the Star Alliance-member airline companies about the free carry-on of instruments. Please contact the committee for further information if you plan to fly here.

-Rental cellos
Preparing rental cellos and bows are planned for participants who can not carry their own for the period of the concert. Applicants should indicate on the application from their desire to rent a cello or bow.

-Accommodation and transportation
The committee provides no accommodation and transportation services. If you would like to apply for the accommodation, please see the Homepage of "Japan Travel Bureau".

-Home stay
We will help to find home-stays for people who meet the requirement below. Please check "I wish to do a home-stay" on the application form if you are interested. We will send a detailed application form after April.
Requirements for accepting home stay;
1. Up to 7 days ( seven days, six night )
2. The schedule can not be changed.
3. $8 has to be paid in advance per one- day stay, including breakfast.
4. You must be covered by accident insurance in your country.
5. You must be willing to follow host family's rule.
People who have already applied and also want to apply to do a home stay, please send a e-mail.

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