The Concert with 1000 Cellists

*** The 2nd Concert with 1000 Cellists ***

July 29, 2001 14:00 - 15:30 (General Probe 10:00 - 12:00)
Kobe World Memorial Hall
1 The song of bird / Catalonian folk song
2 Cello Ensembles by Maestros (to be decided)
3 Hymnus / Klengel
4 Requiem for Cellos / Shigeaki Saegusa
5 Suite D major / D.Funk
6 Modina from "Bachianas Brasileras No. 1" / Villa-Lobos
7 Medley from the countries*
8 From "Symphony No.9 the 4th movement" / L. V. Beethoven*
Encore: Swan / C. Saint-Saens, The song of bird

This program is subject to change.
*: choruses included
Kazufumi Yamashita
Yuko Kamahora
to be decided
1000-1200 Professional and amateur cellists from Japan and around the world

We hope that 10-15% of them will be from overseas and that about 10% of them, more than 100 will be from professionals.
All participants must fulfill the four conditions listed below.
  • Either professional or amateur cellist from all over the world (any nationality, age, and sex)
  • Have 3 years or more experience by the time of the concert or comparable ability who are to be determined by the committee.
  • Be able to attend the official practice more than 3 times. Official practices are scheduled in the afternoon and evening on July 27 and 28 for a total of 4 times at Kobe World Memorial Hall.
  • Be able to play ensembles with beautiful sounds and codes or who try hard to fulfill the standards without sparing themselves.
Applications by fax, mail and E-mail will be accepted starting Feburary 1, 2001. When we reach 1200 participants, we will stop accepting applications.

After filling out the application form which you'll find on this Site, please fax or mail it. On receipt of your payment, the registration number will be sent by mail of fax from the executive committee.

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