The Concert with 1000 Cellists

*** Cellists Music Camp ***

Cello clinic by Maestros will be held near the hall. Maestros will guide the students variously in mini lessons and Q&A; session about instruments.
The schedule and site will be decided in around March 2001. Participants who attend all the programs will be able to attend the lectures and lessons for free.
You have to make an appointment at the office to take lessons. Applications will be accepted after the details are decided.
 CELLO WORKSHOP (fix and repair)
While the period of the concert, Meisters, or master craftsmen of musical instruments from Japan and other countries will help you to take care of your instruments. Also, you can consult them about your instruments, how to buy tools and equipment, or medical checkup of your instruments. This is quite a rare occasion where you can watch and experience such various know-how about instruments.
We will hold socials with wine and beer at 21:30 on both July 27 and 28 at Kobe Portopia Hotel. You can converse with them and find what kind of people maestros are and what they think about music or philosophy. On both days, all programs will be free of charge to participants.

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